Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Found a really cool Roleplay sim, that allows visitors. There are so many places to take unique pictures here. I photo'd it in the day, to better show you detail, but it's super spooky if you put fog on and have it at just after sunset.

Welcome to Mayday Island!

Pictures taken at Mayday Island

Monday, April 19, 2010

Candy Striker

Suck my lolly...pop!

Candy Mistress awaits your arrival

Want one?
I have these flavours left, toxic slime, bleeding heart, Absinthe, love bite.

Sweet, dark and sexy, what more could want from a vamp on V'day!?!

Forgive me for I have sinned, it has been a hundred and forty five years since my last confession. I took something which was not rightfully mine, the life an innocent but I enjoyed it immensely. I stalked my victim, a pretty young thing in her early twenties, as she left the cupids fair mini hearts hunt over at Glam Affair. Hearing her constantly whine about how much of her own time she had to waste to find free gifts, enraged my inner damned soul. Little did she know that she had now become the prize in my own hunt. When the moon was at it's highest, I pulled her into the shadows. The pounding of her beating heart was deafening yet so alluring as it quickened. Having her pinned against the wall, I leaned in close, and with a soft voice I whispered "fear not my child, for I shall rid you of your burden of time". I felt the warmth of life as I pressed my lips against her neck. My fangs pierced her delicate skin with such easy. I drank the warm, crimson fluid as it flowed freely, revitalising my cold body from the inside out. I continued to feed upon her mortal essence till just before the last beat of her heart. It was a clean kill, not a drop was spilt. I took the heart shaped parcel that the girl had in her possession then fled the scene. Upon arriving home, I covered my blood stained lips with a mask then opened the parcel revealing a cute pink and black lingerie set, which of corse I tried on. Who says a Vamp can't wear pink!?!
Hair: The Stringer Mausoleum - Candy Mistress in Platinum
Lingerie: Glam Affair - Ramonna Valentine gift from Cupids fair mini heart hunt
Skin: Tuli - Hope goth natural (past group gift)
Eyes: Little Prick - Spooky eyes
Tatt: iN After Earth - Champions trophy
Stockings: Sn@tch - Fishnet stockings widetop
Boots: Bobbysocks Shoppe - Studded strappy boots
Knife garter & Armbands: Little Britain Designs
Guns: Breach UPS
Gas Mask: BC322 (F#@k'n Xmas Fair)

Stringer released and gone WILD!

Vibrant 'Fire Salamander' skin, a gift from Fallen God Inc. in the WILD.Released hunt goes extremely well with...

these Mortis eyes from the House of Ruin which are killer. They reveal the true essence of a damned soul. Beautifully detailed, deadly and gorgeous. 

Topped with the stunning Ruina V1 hairstyle in Moonlight tipped from The Stringer Mausoleum.

Finished off with something small and sexy, Sahara silk in black and silver from Solange! Fashions.

Not forgetting a little accessorising with some spikey goodness from Glam Affair and Little Britain Designs.


Hair: The Stringer Mausoleum - Ruina V1 - Moonlight Tipped  (Monochrome pack)
Eyes: House of Ruin - Mortis Eyes Coal (dead)
Skin: Fallen Gods Inc. - Fire Salamander xx
Outfit: Solange! Fashions - Sahara silk (Black/silver)
Bracelet: Glam Affair - Studded bangle in black
Armbands: Little Britain Designs - Spiked armbands
Piercings: Made by me!
Location: Minute papillon as blogged by Helena Stringer on Fringe Society

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Helena's Skin Picks-All Winter's Fault

Tribal Island Skin-Goth Edition

Winter did this lovely post a bit ago on this fabulous skin designer. Well after seeing all the screen shots and slobbering for a bit, I went out to see what was there at Terra's Bodyart for a demon like me.

Full Frontal View

Well, I got there, and wanted the whole darn store, but to start my collection, I got this beauty to show you all. It's called Tribal Island, and it's in the goth tone.

Back View

The tattoos on this thing are beyond anything I have yet to see in sl, and I'm super happy about the full head tat. As you all should know I'm a mohawk freak, and well Viewer 2.0 *just* came out, so I still love all my tatted skins.

Leg View

Close Up

I'm even going to be a bit horrid, and give you some armpitty. Just want to show you the seams. You may not know anything about making skins, but the Body template for our avatars is horrid, and there is only like 8 spaces in that area to play with, so it tends to be hard to get anything to not smear and line up right. All in all this is near perfect, and I'd kiss my furless digital armpits if I could. Just not in a french way. XP

Visit Terra's Bodyart

Other things worn:

Eyes-House of Ruin-Felid in Burgundy
Eyelashes-Store no longer exists
Hair-The Stringer Mausoleum-Pencil in Snow
Horns-House of Ruin-Reaper Horns-Not yet Released
Dress-Store no longer exists
Nipple Tape-Snatch-In various outfits
Undies-Snatch-In discount area

Eat Your Heart Out, Lady Gaga.

Fringe: Gaga 1
Pose: "Tymps", Hair: "Theater"

So ... I went to Pose Fair last week and had the pleasure of discovering a new-to-me pose maker: Olive Juice. Her poses where so energetic and full of personality that I fell in love almost immediately and bought up a whole bunch. And also determined that I *must* show them off to you, dear readers.

Fringe: Gaga 2
Pose: "Dangerous Curves Ahead", Hair: "Sunrise Gamma"

Then, last night, as I was running through the Crazy Arse Hair Hunt, I stopped dead at a shop called "griddie". This is a place of truly creative hair. I'm kind of crazy for non-normal hair, so this stuff totally made me squee and then I had to buy a bunch. And then put a lock on my wallet.

Fringe: Gaga 3
Pose: "Monster", Hair: "Rainy Day"

In order to bring these delightful things to your attention, I had to dress for the occasion. Cue Bare Rose and their "Bone Rider Lady". I've had this outfit for quite a while, but Bare Rose has a knack for never getting old. It was perfect for this too - rather strange, but not so gaudy as to take away from the things I wanted to show.

Fringe: Gaga 4
Pose: "Red Red Red", Hair: "Pipe"

The other trick up my sleeve are these neat shoes that can be found inside the (antiHero) sets from Pixel Dolls. The system shoe part has a texture, but they're copy and mod, so it was an easy thing to make a copy and throw on a clear texture, making it essentially a foot-shaper for the prim soles. Why is this so cool? When you have outfits like this from Bare Rose, with kickass socks that you really don't want to cover up, you can throw these little suckers on and voila! You've made your neato socks into shoes! The best part? The (antiHero) sets are in Pixel Dolls' sale room for very very cheap. I'd suggest picking one or both up before the designer decides to be done with them and retires them forever.

Fringe: Gaga 5
Pose: "Rock Band", Hair: "Curtain Tau"

The skin, face-horns, and eyes are mine, soonish to be released at House of Ruin. I guess that means I should get busy, no?

Fringe: Gaga 6
Pose: "Sea Hag", Hair: "Butterfly Omega"

<3 Rue

Edge of a Knife

I wanted to learn all the secrets on the edge of a knife
from the point of a needle
from a diamond
from a bullet in flight...
~ Suzanne Vega, "Undertow"

Well, the real reason for this post is boots.


These Sasha boots, specifically. You see, the trick to living on the fringe, is being able to utilize and transform the ordinary. These boots, undressed, are innocuous. But I tell you, when I laid eyes on them I knew they would be perfect for *most things*. And that made me very very happy. Because, honestly, I can't live without boots, but finding a good boot that will blend with just about anything you put it with is tough. And I can be very picky to boot (haha). These are great too, because the come with 2 sizes for the calf portion, and they pose extremely well.

Want 'em? Go pick em up at ETD for 200L per color (if I recall correctly). They aren't new, they've been around for a bit, but you can still go pick them up.


~ The Rest of the Credz ~
Hair: "Double Duster" by Stringer Mausoleum
Skin: "Splatter" by Nuuna's Skins
Eyes: "Lupine" by House of Ruin
Horns: "Hunter" (unreleased) by House of Ruin
Jewelry: "Dead Mine" by KOSH
Belt: "Patchouly" by KOSH
Tattoo: "KoiKoi" by Garden of Ku
Top: "very torn nylon" by Sheer
Corset: from "Booty Call" by Solange
Skirt: "69 Micro Mini" by Paradisis
Leggings: "Zetti" by KOSH
Sword: "Cursed Spirit" by Ashes

Poses: [LAP] (Bolly 10), 5ifth Order (Fashion Stand 4),
Windlight: AnaLu neutral

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Its. Not. PINK!

Just thought I'd make that clear before I get mauled by a certain space demon WHO SHALL REMAIN NAMELESS HERE.


So whats a demon bitch to do when there's no networks to be hacked into and no souls around to corrupt? Simple. Make stuff happen. I mean come on, looking like this, thats easy. I can be someones visual drug of choice, or, really, whatever I want, right?

Whats that? You have never heard of cybernetic demons? Deary, where have you been? We're the next chapter in the evolution of demon-kind. (Just don't tell the other demons that. They get pissy if thats brought up.) Some of us weren't "born" like this though. Nope. Some of us had rather nasty accidents and in order to survive, we were made into partially artificial beings. Thats all well and fine, but it gets damn expensive when we need repairs.

The worst is if the neural network goes (thats connected to our brains.) Some of us just don't even bother to get those fixed. We're even more fun if that happens, kinda like The Joker.


Hair - Ruina V2 in Mysticberry Tipped (TSM)
Eyes - Digital Era in Void from the Futuristic Series (TSM)
Horns, Tail, Hooves - Violet Studios
Skin - Elven Violet tone 4 (Trap)
Cyber Heart - +DV8+
Outfit - Clockwork Angel (Grendel's Children)

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Through the Forest

"So... what were you planning on doing about it?"

Dark forest spirits, notorious for their treachery and ambitious natures, aren't inhibited by daylight as some would think.

They follow much the same principles as the "good" spirits, but many centuries ago, they became bored with helping those among humanity whom they deemed "morons" and thus, were exiled to the darkness, where they perfected the art of "fun at the expense of others".

In their true form, they have large horns protruding from their heads and long, snake-like tails. However, to be most effective at their games, they typically go incognito to blend in with the other, friendlier spirits.

This one appears to have a water affinity (among other things.)


Hair - Manes of Glory in Sapphire (The Stringer Mausoleum)
Outfit (including cape, boots, and skin) - Seasons of the Heart Designs
Eyes - Chrome Blue (MIASNOW hunt prize from 2009)
Eyelashes - Glitter Lashes (Deviant Kitties)
Pose for Photo 2 - Sunflower Poses
All other poses are from my AO, created by Magicka Moonites

Look of the Day-Hybrid Changling

A new creature is born.

Out of rain like tears.

Night greets her.

She stretches her wings.

What adventures will she have you think?


Skin-House of Ruin-Naif in Champagne(Not Yet Released)
Hair-The Stringer Mausoleum-Cosmic Commander in Clay
Eyes-Calimshan-Black Whisky Eyes
Tattoo-Peebox-Hybrid Full Body Tattoo
Horns-Illusions-Herne Horns
Wings-Fancy Fairy-Draconia Wings in Green(Slightly Tinted)

*** Yes no clothing Mommy!***

On Location shoot done HERE!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Look of the Day-Mountaintop Meanderings

Waking up to the first twinkles in the sky.

Up here everything looks small.

Wonder if there is anyone to eat . . . ermmm . . . meet! yes meet in that cabin back there.


Skin-Sinful Needs-Gluttony skin(Part of the 7 Sins hunt)
Hair-The Stringer Mausoleum-In the Rain in Cognac
Eyes-House of Ruin-Felid Eyes in Ember
Horns-House of Ruin-The Scholar in Cinnabar Ridged(Unreleased)
Dress-Liquid Candy-Babydoll dress in Orange

On location shoot done HERE!

Poses used in Helena's Posts


I really do.

I saw this post this morning, and it's not the first time this sort of thing has been brought up. Dove from [LAP] even made a free bloggers package for both boys and girls, the only stipulation was that you did in fact credit the Poses in your posts. I then saw this from Plastic Swords, Pose Designer of the store Dismorph.


I can admit that I have never credited poses, unless I've specifically reviewed them for the post itself.

So tho I don't intend to credit every pose, for me it's be way too hard to keep track, I do over 50 shots per post using different angles on different poses. Trying to remember if that was in fact the "City Girl version 87" or if it was 78? is just too much for me. I'm not making excuses. Simply saying how it is and will be.

What I am willing to do for you all is credit the Designers/Stores themselves here, in one post. As I use the same stores over and over, but have 100's of poses from their collections, it'll be way easier for me, with the type of blogging I do.

*Please note, you'll have to use the search function to find the stores inworld. This way I don't have to post and keep updated slurls.*

Most Commonly Used:

Dove Swanson of the Pose Store [LAP]
Karla Scorbal of the Pose Store KS2Cool

Sometimes Use:

Toko Voom of the Pose Store Vain
Kaethe Dyrssen of the Pose Store Leafy
moddishh GossipGirl of Modd.G(Clothing designer that does occational poses)
Cicciuzzo Gausman of Pose Store MrG(Clothing Designer with a pose side project)

Friday, April 2, 2010

Bring some Hornyness to you Life

A good old classic look to a demon is that hellfire red. But you still want to be an individual, even while entering your lesser known side of fantasy right?

Well I found this nice little shop, right now they are only on XStreet, but maybe we can coax them into getting a shop inworld. The Store name is just as fun as the products, Mad Catter.

Dalthor Horns

Not many designers that deal in making demon parts like to do horns that stick more outwards sideways. I'm not really sure as to why, as it gives a more strong presence. The style is particularly nice for males, but works with female and is easy to wear with most hair types, from updos to mohawks, as seen here.

Back View

Dalthor Tail

The Set comes with a matching tail of the same style, that had some flexi to it, but isn't obnoxious.

Detail View

The set does have a slight glow to it, which is a nice change from all the shiney and raver bright sets you can come across in travels.

Arachna Horns&Tail

This set is right up my ally. You can't see it, but there are spiders webs hanging off this set. The tail is a bit whipy, and tho there is less flashy bits on this one as the last, the craftsmanship is still there.

Witcher Wolf Mask

Now normally this would not have been something I'd ever get, not really a mask person in sl, unless it's for an even. But it just looked so odd and intriguing, I had to nab it up to show you guys. Made totally of regular tortured prims. Could be a wicked battle piece to wear while roleplaying.

Visit the Mad catter Store on XStreet

Other things worn:

Skin-The Stringer Mausoleum-Aine Mermaid Skin in Poisonfish
Hair-The Stringer Mausoleum-Allegory in Tango
Eyes-House of Ruin-Hell-ena Eyes in Guaricana(Base is Sans, the one prim eye is in Slit Version) Outfit-Nomine-DarkMajik fishnet mesh set
Boots-Snatch-Steams Latex Boots

Hellfire pit Shoot done here