Friday, September 17, 2010

The Reason You Wish You'd Gone To The Black Bacchanal

Fringe Society: You Wish (no.1)
Pose: "WWJJD 4"

Sometimes Rue likes to be a boy, especially if she's wearing a skirt.

Fringe Society: You Wish (no.2)
Pose: "WWJJD 1"

And "Anarchy in the UK", the most recent Black Bacchanal, seemed like a very good excuse to break out her badass manly self. You know you love it.

Fringe Society: You Wish (no.3)
Pose: "Siouxsie 3"

The Bacchanal is over, but if you're lucky, the designers might have a version of their wares at their shops sometime soon. Or maybe even now. But because Rue is mean, you'll have to check yourself :P

<3 Rue

Poses: by City.of.Dis (from the Bacchanal)
Hair: "UK Pompom" in DarkNight/RedBangs by Stringer Mausoleum(from the Bacchanal)
Skin: "Andro skin" in bronze/glitter by Nomine
Outfit: "Punk as Fcuk" by Arsenic Lace (from the Bacchanal)
Jewelry: "Nina Knows How To Party" earrings by Ticky Tacky (from the Bacchanal)
Boots: "Black Loto Boots" by Acid & Mala