Friday, August 27, 2010

Rue's adventures in looking hawt.

random dude: Hiii
Rue: Hi
random dude: Wow!
random dude: Are you a model?
Rue: Nope.
random dude: Cuz you look like you must be a major model!

Poses by Olive Juice: "In Session", "Girlish Figure",  "Tee Hee", "Does this skirt make my butt look big?", "I dunno, what do you wanna do?" (all from the FLF pose packs)

Rue: Hey Helena, Some random dude in a shop was totally impressed with your hair, and thought I was a major model. :D
Helena: you are a major model, your my top model, so top on fact you don't even model, that is how much of a major model you are. Your like Cindy Crawford.

Wow, I didn't even know I had it in me :P

And YOU. Yeah you. Sitting there reading this blooooog post. What are you waiting for? Get thee to shopping!

Pose by Olive Juice: "GTFO"

The DeTaiLs...
HAIR: "Utterly Screwed" Woeful Wednesday edition, 50L for 2 colors, STILL OUT
by Stringer Mausoleum

Skin: "Hound of Love - Del" in dark tone, 50L
by &bean

Nip-covers: "Stickie Nippies", Freebie!
by Shades of October

Skirt: from "Atlantis Dress Kit C" $L250 

by Pixel Dolls

Gloves: from "Impression" lingerie set, $L100 (closing sale) 

by Phoenix Rising

Oooo and some Black Bacchanal teasers!
BOOTS & EYES by Stringer Mausoleum. Keep your eyes peeled when the Bacchanal comes around!

<3 Rue

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Delish Deals-Wings part 1

Another Deal coming your way!

I was looking for scissors for something inworld and I came across these wicked wings. What every hair designer should have in their inventory. You can cut hair on the fly. Harf harf harf!

Sadly the store is no longer inworld, but it did get set up on XStreet!

Scissor Wings

These Babies are totally free for your enjoyment. You'll also find works inspired by various games, movies and comics by the same designer, so check them out, high quality, can't go wrong.

Grab them at the Lithium Works Store on Xstreet HERE!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Look of the Day-Life saved for a rainy day

Save a life, wear a mushroom.

I have a few random friends, that people wonder how I meet.

They tend to be very talented, in a variety of ways.

They are the kind that don't mind if you don't hear from each other in months.

They always have something to show me, have me read, or let me listen to.

Carn Fall is one of these select few. Energetic, enthusiastic, and talented in his own right.

Now as a hair deisgner, there are very few times you wont see me in my own hair. But this items doesn't have need for hair, it's all you really need on you head. Carn made 4 Super Mario inspired mushroom hats(and maybe a few more on the way). When asked what colour I wanted it was a no brainer. GREEN!

Carn will have these in his shop(soon to be opened) and on Xstreet for sure. Till then I get to tease you all.

***Update---> Carn now has these both inworld at The ModShop and on Xstreet(link in credits)***


Yes yes, that is a bit of flashy colour there on my knee. I sort of got reckless, counting on the fact I got my nice One Up. Doesn't prevent injury from stupidity.

You know how many shades of green shoes I have in inventory? Cookie for the right guess!


Skin- {Frick} - Noir Smudged in Goth
Hat-The ModShop- 1+ Hat(to be released)
Eyes-Tuli- Gem eyes in Emerald
Swimsuit-Scribble- Vintage Swimmer's Suit in Green
Bandaids-Reek- I heart Bandaid kit
Sneakers-Urban Bomb Unit- Pornstar Hi-tops Multicolour V2(scripted with many options)

On location shot done HERE!

***Special Thanks to the person that helped me with the Mario-like background!***

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Welcome to my fun house!

Under the veil of darkness, a Circus of the damned rolled into town. Rumours quickly spread of Vampires, as many of the town folk began to vanish. No laughter is ever heard coming from this big tent, only the screams of those unfortunate enough to enter alone.

So come on in. Take a seat...if you dare!

Believing vampires are nothing more than fiction and being a rather inquisitive individual, you decide to take a closer look and step into the dimly lit tent. It was cold and empty. The smell of blood fills the damp night air. You suddenly feel a presence, and as if out of nowhere, a clown had magically appeared, intrepidly balancing high above on the tight rope. Her arm swung forward, and with a slight twist of her thumb, she had splayed apart four large knives. You take a seat on an old hand carved wooden chair. Your excitement and anticipation begin to mount, as you gaze hypnotically up at the circus performer. To your amazement, she holds the very sharp blade ends of the knives and begins to juggle. The evil fanged beauty, turns and glares straight at you with her vivid blue eyes. She herself desires to be entertained, and she has you in her sights. All of a sudden, she throws the knives in your direction. With precision, she has pinned your arms and legs tightly to the chair by your clothing. With wide eyes, you look down at the large blades that just missed your skin. You begin to panic. As you try to move, you fail to notice that the clown was no longer up on the tight rope and that she was now standing directly behind you. As you look back up at the now barren rope above, you hear a gentle whisper in your left ear "Scream for me". Cold lips press firmly against the skin on the side of your neck, then an agonisingly sharp pain as she sinks her fangs deep into your warm flesh.  She borders on ecstasy as your blood begins to flows over her tongue. You scream at the top of your lungs due to the affliction she forced upon you but you soon stop as her bite becomes extremely erotic. Within seconds, your body becomes calm and relaxed, no longer trying to fight her bite of death. Everything goes dark...

Releasing her grasp from your neck, the clown takes a step back and wipes a small drop of your blood from the corner of her mouth with the tip of her finger and places it on her tongue. "Mmmm...delicious!  Compliments to the chef". Before leaving, she leans over your wretched body and retrieves her beloved weaponry, then vanishes back to the shadows from where she came.

- - - - -
Outfit is a collaboration of 5 different BareRose outfits:
Trum-Pet Bunney: Red hat
Dama del Ruedo: Black Jacket (no sleeves)
Tutu: Tutu black
Miss Quin: Red pants
Flurry Red: Collar
- - - - -
Skin: Fallen Gods Inc - Clown skin fanged - The show must go on
Hair: Calico Ingmann Creations - Zoe - Midnight
Eyes: House of Ruin - Tonic XXX: Hypnotist
Pose: Leafy - Redspot (edited)
Location: The Dominion Femdom Fetish Shoppes
- - - - -
This pic is my entry in the Bare@Rose 5YA photo contest on flickr. I thought I should give it a story.

Look of the Day-New Discoveries

*Special Note~Yes it is me! I am back!*

Today I went forth and searched for a new eye god/goddess to worship. During my search and a mad list of events(which I'll tell you more about in an upcoming post), I ended up in contact with Designer Dame Hallow of ~{ Into the Hollow}~.

Her store is much like how mine was in the beginning, a mashup of this and that all made for personal purposes, or for the sake of creating, and set up to share with those who might just enjoy them too.

I picked up the above peasant top with underbust. I love Green. GREEN GREEN GREEN . . . ANYTHING. The underbust has a wonderful texture in behind a dragonfly window. Dame also sells some textures at her store, in a similar theme as the one used in this piece.

As you might have already been able to tell if you have been following this blog, I love eyes. EYES EYES EYES . . . in all colours . . . but pink. You will find these as a gift in Dame's store. The box has both dark and light versions in 2 different colours, the other not shown being a more antiqued tone.

A lil something I picked up last week. Will be trying to wear more jewelry in the near future.

On to the feet. I collect those odd colours, that I never totally know if I'll have a use for, but get anyways cause the colour is just off enough to make me feel up for the challenge. Went perfect for this look.


Skin- {Frick} -Sophia in Noir
Hair-The Stringer Mausoleum-Ruina V2 in Darkness
Eyes- { Into the Hollow} -This Broken Lense Eye in Silent/Dark
Eyelashes-Cybernetics-Prim Lashes L3 B1
Horns-House of Ruin-The Dauphin Horns in Silver ridged
Necklace-Haus of Darcy -Fallen Necklace
Top- { Into the Hollow} -Lepidoptera Ladies Underbust
Skirt/Kneehighs/Gloves-Firefall-All from the Marquise Dress
Boots-Pixel Mode-Brat Boots in Green

On Location Shot done HERE!