Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Night Creature Eyes Illuminate

I was lucky enough to stumble on an eye store I hadn't heard of yet while at the fantasy fair last month.

Ibanez offers a wide selection of styles for their instore eye collection. There is bound to be something for everyone, and there are many colours to choose from for each set.

Baset in Fire

Shadow in Aurora

Instore Gift eyes in Blue

Instore Gift eyes in Brown

Instore Gift eyes in Green

Most of the sets come with prim eyes aswell, so you have the option to mix and match your eyes for a more unique personalized look.

You can purchase Eyes as singles or as a full pack.

Visit Ibanez

Other Things Worn:

Skin-Lionskins-Forbidden in makeup 6
Hair-The Stringer Mausoleum-Tenta in Moonlight

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Jewelry Feature-PRETURB/ation

I'm not one to wear jewelry often. It tends to get in the way when I'm making hair, and often times I'm making hair!

I got this awesome crown from a hunt, never used it for anything, then low and behold, saw the matching necklace and bracelets!

Way more girly then what I would typically wear in SL, this is something I so would grab in RL, or even make. I like odd organic shapes things.

PRETURB/ation happens to be one of my favorite stores, if I am going to buy anything that is a jewelry piece. The quality is some of the best on the grid.

You can get the Tommelise set for L$100 inworld at PRETURB/ation

*Added Note*

Totally forgot to add in that the background texture was made by MiaSnow. She has a bunch on her stream for free use, as long as you give credit back to her. They aren't for commercial use, but are perfectly sized for blogging.


Saturday, May 15, 2010

From the Astral Realm...

"Yes yes, what is it?"

Jezret stepped from the astral portal, clearly very grumpy at having been disturbed. Walking past the nervous attendant, she flung open the door leading to the main walkway and paused, her stance radiating everything one would need to know about her level of anger.

"Well I don't see anything out of the ordinary. What were you talking about?"

What did the attendant see? Perhaps we will never really be quite sure, for the rest of the information was lost in a violent energy blast.

All you need to know from here on out though is the following: You NEED the hair, skin, horns, and eyes that you see the lovely Jezret in. I'm serious. Just look in your inventory right now. Those items are not there. Thats bad. That needs to be remedied. <3


Hair - Junglejammer in Lustberry Tipped - The Stringer Mausoleum
Skin - Cabal: Wisp in Dusk - House of Ruin
Eyes - Painted Tonic XXX in Gypsy - House of Ruin
Horns - Sentinel Demonkin in Iridium - House of Ruin
Eyelashes - Glitter Lashes - Deviant Kitties
Outfit - Misha Kan in Black - created by Angel Winkler

All poses in use are from my AO which was created by Vista Animations.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Dark Dawn


I was feeling rather flashy and so I decided to pull out all the stops for this one. First, the sim where all of these pictures are from: The Nubian Empire (link will be in credits). Its owned and operated by my dear friend Kat, and the sim strives to be as historically accurate in its roleplay as possible. Sadly, however, the sim is mostly empty nowadays. If you do want to visit, try to wear an OOC tag.

The sim itself is a gorgeous build and a testament of the long hours of hard work the owner and admins put into it.

So... why am I all flashy-demon'ed out over there?

Well... because I felt like it!

I just had to find a look to complete the new skin I bought from Ruina, and I thought "Yanno... this might just work" so I set the hamster in the wheel in my head to overdrive and BINGO... what you see is the result.

Just a lil personal word from me on this outfit before I get to the credits: Its not authentic Ancient Egyptian, no matter what it says on the poster/box. Its authentic Hollywood Ancient Egyptian. :)


Hair - Ruina V1 - TSM
Skin - Naif - House of Ruin
Horns - Sugar Skull Shaman - House of Ruin (no longer available)
Eyes - Swimming Horses: Water Birth - House of Ruin (no longer available)
Eyelashes - Glitter Lashes - Deviant Kitties
Demon Claws - Dragon Feet - Sinfull Creations
Tail - Angrumax Queen Jewelled Demon Tail - Sinful Needs
Outfit - Black Silver Web Gown - Wish Isle
Location of photos - The Nubian Empire (rp sim)

All poses used in this photo shoot are either from a chair, or from my AO.