Friday, May 25, 2012

Back, and caught in the act

I'm back to sl, and tho I have already gotten the blogging bug for the other few blogs I post on, I hadn't had enough of it to come back to the fringe yet. I finally got enough creating in that I could spend the quality time needed for this blog.

I'm so glad to be back, and I hope you enjoy what is to come =)

Fringe Society-May 24th-1

This is my very first pic ever with shadow. It is far from the best out there, I know, but I am still very proud. I learned a lot doing this shoot. Like get your poses ready, because shifting through those while having shadows and everything on is not fun!

I could not resist trying to find myself a cemetery to pose in, or well near. I didn't manage to get in there, there was werewolves about!

The Location is part of a massive system of sims under the Lost City of Angels roleplay group. I use to RP on a sim with the same name, way back before I was a designer. I do not know if it is the same people, as that sim died due to lack of funding, or if this is a fanmade set of sims(there are so many!). Some of the things are very familiar, like wording, and ideas.

Lost City of Angels was the very first Dark Roleplay sim. It was in a winter setting, which was just lovely. They also welcomed demons, and not your typical demons, but also demons like me! They had a blast with my character. I could never do combat, my computer at the time was BAWLS! but I could RP like a bugger, so often got brought into the mix as a sort of scary referee. They let me eat whoever ran away, it was good times. I grew 8 pixel inches in those 6 months. I also ended up with spawn, what demon could ask for more?

Fringe Society-May 24th-2
I love LOVE this tongue. This and the tattoo I'm wearing is what I based the whole outfit around. All my scripted demony tongues seem to have gone on the fritz. Not sure if scripting in sl changed drastically while I was gone, or what.

The eyes are new from my very favoritest eye goddess, Ruina. There are soooo many colours, and you know me with colours. If you are a eye whore like me, you will also enjoy the scalera colouring.

The skin is a gift from Hush. I went to the bloggers preview of the Skin Addiction event, which starts today. If you are a part of the group, you get this skin for free when you visit Hush's stall. Just wear your tag! The original makeup(I was a bad blogger and didn't take a sans makeup layer pic) is a lovely cateye lined look, with a nude lip that has a nice layer of gloss. The additional makeup layer is what created the double lined look.

The makeup is from an old fav stop of mine, Glamorize. There is a message in the creators profile that you just have to read. I agree with it wholeheartedly. I tinted this too, so my lips could be a nice cinnamon shade.
Fringe Society-May 24th-3
I bought this tattoo at a Zombie Suicide. They are having this MASSIVE sale. 60% off or more on everything in the store. I love how vibrant it is, and the seam transition is well done.

I just had to see if one of my fav rock stores was still around, and it is! Strayer has some lovely colour combos, most of the items are for dudes, but that is okay, the dudes need stuffs.
Fringe Society-May 24th-4
I bought this for myself at Fantasy Faire, tho it is instore now, from Material Squirrel. I really wanted it for my petite, since it came in both sizes. Obviously I was going to enjoy it on my biggie too! This is the black version, I tinted it to better match my horns. The tinting is sort of funky, as the mesh texture is more of a greyscale. You will just have to play with your own when you get it.

I am a part of a few different bloggers groups inworld, and the one we get review copies of stuffs in. I actually send packages out in that one myself, and am not obligated to blog anything, but these pants were instant love. I just thought they were the perfect solution for someone who sprouts tail often. Sure, half your ass is hanging out, but I've seen worse things inworld. The only trick was to find the perfect mature sim to shoot in, haha!
Fringe Society-May 24th-5
I just wanted to show of these lovely horns a bit better. You can't get *THIS* exact colour, it is a special edition, but there are other lovely shades. Many MANY a colour for your matchy matchy needs!

These are classically shaped, and worked with many of my hair styles, so I'm sure they will work with many of those out on the grid too!
Fringe Society-May 24th-6

The jewelry is a bit of a mashup. This is how I roll IRL. I pick elements of the outfit and wear matching things. Now not all elements are meant to work with each other specifically, just to work with the other main pieces. Like here, my right bracelet goes with my uggs, my left bracelet goes with my horns and nails, my nails goes with the pattern on my uggs, the necklace(not shown here) goes with the right bracelet, and the bellychain, well I just threw that on for funsies. People might look at it and think I'm a disaster, but there is a method.

Keeps me from looking like a barbie. Goddess forbid!

*does some sort of sloppy looking religious gesturing over her chest*

Fringe Society-May 24th-7

UGGS! I bought these sooooo long ago, but I love them! Who wouldn't want pirate ships on their feet? You iz crazy if you don't. Makes me want to make crazy stringery rainboots . . . Hmmmm.


Skin - [Hush] - Lily in Seduce Makeup/Vanilla Tone - FREE (Skin Addition Event-Wear Tag)
Hair - The Stringer Mausoleum - Sprung in Cognac - Not Released Yet (SOON!)
Eyes - {Rue} - Grimalkin Eyes in Leviathan
Makeup - Glamorize - Dance Combo(Lips/Eyes)
Lashes - Crimson & Clover - Blind Mag Lashes - NLA (all hair is L$50 though)
Tongue - [ni.Ju] - Creepy Creature Tongue in Bloo
Horns - {Rue} - Ranchero Horns in Cinnabar Ridged
Tail - Material Squirrel - 3 Pronged Devil's Tail in Black
Tattoo - Zombie Suicide - Side Flower Tattoo - 60% off or more Sale
Tanktop - Strayer - Bra Blue
Pants - WoW Skins - Pants from the Denim Summer Set 2
Boots - NSD - Rock'n'Rolla Ugg's
Nails - Glamorize - Metallic Nails in Gold
Right Bracelet - Hermony - Wristband in Black - FREE
Left Bracelet - FuLo - "Savitri" jeweled bangle in Saffron
Necklace - [b.nuts] - Acc Cross Necklace - L$1
Belly Chain - Unique Needs - Skully Belly Chain

Pose - Exposeur - from the FREE Top Model Meow Set - 50% off Sale going on

Location - Lost Wastelands