Friday, November 19, 2010

52 Weeks of Color: The Blue Period

52 Weeks of Color: The Blue Period [no.01]
Poses by Olive Juice, City.of.Dis, and Long Awkward Pose, respectively.

Sometimes simplicity is best. And it doesn't get more simple than a bodysuit. Also, I don't give myself enough excuses to wear something this shiny. And I don't care that my sentences are incomplete and start with conjunctions. Suck it, grammar nazis.

52 Weeks of Color: The Blue Period [no.02]

Find the '52 Weeks of Color Challenge' here.

Hair ...... griddie
Skin ...... Nuuna's Skins
Catsuit ... A.Y.Y
Boots ..... First Flower

Poses......Olive Juice, City.of.Dis, Long Awkward Pose

<3 Rue


Luna Jubilee said...

this is totally exotic! Its a fantastic post :)

Xandra said...

Thank you, Luna! I love the challenge so much, it's such a great excuse to experiment!

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