Monday, January 17, 2011

Of the night

A solitary vampire walks the hallowed halls of an ancient cathedral. Footsteps silenced as she walks upon the carpeted bluestone floor.  

Baring no reflection, her beauty will be forever unseen by her hypnotic blue eyes. 

 The flickering flames of the pale yellow pillar candles seem to dances as she lusts for her lost love. Many moons have past since she was last held close in his arms.

Longing. To touch, to be touched.

Interrupted by the clanging of the wrought iron door knocker that adorns the centuries old wooden doors. Who dares knock upon her door.  Could it be him? After all these years, had he returned to her? Sadly not, the sickening smell of mortality is strong as it wafts under the huge main doors. More like a weary traveller or a lost soul. Hmmm...must be dinner!

Vampy haz a new blog Strike by Night

Skin: Glam Affair - Castalia Night (The Dressing room
Hair: The Stringer Mausoleum - Reversed Double Duster in Darknight (EaHH market)
Eyes: Are my ultimate favs from the House of Ruin - Tonic XXX
Dress: Nomine - Delilah dress
Collar: Nomine - Spinal collar from Medea dress
Taped hands & Bracers: Sinistyle

Pic 1: Gesticulate - smooth std1(Proposer hunt)
Pic 2: Hate me and eat me - Ergo
Pic 3: Oh shit, I forget :(   If it looks familiar, let me know!
Pic 4: Essential Soul Studio - Cold Winer ...
Pic 5: Sylva's animation factory - stock-stand-207

Location:  +SANCTUARY 4 NONE+ A Dark gothic BSDM club and cathedral.


Xandra said...

*loves all over you* hawtie :D

LJ said...

Hehehe... thank you Rue!

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