Sunday, April 4, 2010

Poses used in Helena's Posts


I really do.

I saw this post this morning, and it's not the first time this sort of thing has been brought up. Dove from [LAP] even made a free bloggers package for both boys and girls, the only stipulation was that you did in fact credit the Poses in your posts. I then saw this from Plastic Swords, Pose Designer of the store Dismorph.

I can admit that I have never credited poses, unless I've specifically reviewed them for the post itself.

So tho I don't intend to credit every pose, for me it's be way too hard to keep track, I do over 50 shots per post using different angles on different poses. Trying to remember if that was in fact the "City Girl version 87" or if it was 78? is just too much for me. I'm not making excuses. Simply saying how it is and will be.

What I am willing to do for you all is credit the Designers/Stores themselves here, in one post. As I use the same stores over and over, but have 100's of poses from their collections, it'll be way easier for me, with the type of blogging I do.

*Please note, you'll have to use the search function to find the stores inworld. This way I don't have to post and keep updated slurls.*

Most Commonly Used:

Dove Swanson of the Pose Store [LAP]
Karla Scorbal of the Pose Store KS2Cool

Sometimes Use:

Toko Voom of the Pose Store Vain
Kaethe Dyrssen of the Pose Store Leafy
moddishh GossipGirl of Modd.G(Clothing designer that does occational poses)
Cicciuzzo Gausman of Pose Store MrG(Clothing Designer with a pose side project)


someone somewhere said...

I like acha's system. I could add a thing on the side where we can list the places we get our poses from ... what do you think?

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